What is MedPay and How do I Use it?

MedPay is actually a very useful tool that most people are unaware that they have access to. to break it down, MedPay Insurance is coverage that helps to pay the medical expenses for those who suffer from injuries in a car accident. No matter who is at fault. MedPay pays for all or most of your medical bills that are directly related to the injuries sustained in your accident. Though MedPay is not mandatory in the state of California, most insurance companies recommend it. You have the opportunity to set your MedPay limit; which ranges anywhere from $1,000-$100,000.

What is MedPay?

MedPay short for Medical Payments Insurance. It protects you and your passengers, regardless of who was at-fault in the accident.

The basics of MedPay states that if you or any passengers in your vehicle are injured in an accident, MedPay will cover your medical bills. MedPay can reimburse you for necessary medical treatment that you receive as the direct result of your accident.

Medical care should meet the following criteria:

  • If the treatment is necessary for the injuries sustained in your accident.
  • If the treatment is reasonable for the injuries sustained in your accident.
  • Due to the injuries you sustained in your accident – MedPay does not include pre-existing conditions.

Benefits of MedPay

  • Helps pay medical bills and moves with you – regardless if you are out of state, riding public transportation, etc.
  • Helps to cover medical bills that your health insurance company may not cover – including deductibles and copays
  • MedPay does not have a copay or a deductible – Once a year premium
  • Covers a lot of out-of-pocket expenses
    • Ambulance fees
    • Chiropractic
    • Dental and Prosthetic procedures due to an accident
    • Worst Case Scenario – funeral expenses
  • Minuscule Premiums
    • Depending on which car insurance company you choose, your premium for MedPay Coverage can be as low as $20/yr. for up to $10,000 worth of coverage
  • It is also good for those drivers who do not currently have health insurance.
    • though we are not suggesting that you substitute health insurance with MedPay Insurance
  • MedPay Insurance is not only referring to the total available coverage – it refers to the amount available to each covered individual injured during the time of the accident
    • EX: If you, your spouse, and three children are injured in a car accident –each could collect on the limit of $5,000 – which means that MedPay will cover a total of $25,000 in medical bills.
  • Some states have Stacking Auto Coverage – you may be able to stack MedPay coverage by the number of vehicles on your auto policy
    • EX: If you have four vehicles insured and you stack $5,000 of MedPay Coverage – you now have a total of $20,000 available to you or other covered individuals on

For more in-depth information, visit the DMV website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs MedPay?

As a personal injury attorney, we always suggest that everyone has MedPay insurance. Should you find yourself in an accident, it protects you, your employees, and any other passengers on your vehicle.

Why Use MedPay?

MedPay will put your mind at ease when you are suffering from injuries and need to seek medical treatment. the benefits of MedPay speak for itself.

  • These are additional funds that may increase the overall amount of your settlement.
  • All of your medical bills and lien claims are going to be paid out of any settlement funds received from the third party. Outstanding with individual providers (ambulance, doctors, hospital, chiropractors, etc.) are going to be harder to negotiate than a health or MedPay insurance claim. It makes sense to have either health insurance or MedPay pay the bills, and then negotiate with insurers at the end of the case. What is great is your attorney will do this for you.
  • If the MedPay policy does not have a right to reimbursement, then those funds will increase the settlement amount, without having to be reimbursed.
  • Using MedPay will also help you to avoid any bills being sent to collections.

What Does MedPay Not Cover?

MedPay is strictly for injuries you have suffered due to your accident. MedPay does not cover property damage to your car or the other person’s car. It also does not cover pre-existing conditions, or unnecessary medical care that does not follow under the previous criteria.

Can My Doctor File for MedPay?

Your doctor can file for MedPay on your behalf. as stated before, make sure you are seeking treatment from a proper physician. Having your doctor file for MedPay actually makes it easier for you to receive the proper treatment. This will relieve any worry you have about paying your medical bills out of pocket. Anything that can ease any tension during this stressful time is well worth it.

Will My Insurance Rates Go Up If I File a Claim?

As long as you are not at-fault in the accident, your insurance rates should not go up. in fact, insurance companies cannot raise your rates for utilizing MedPay for yourself and the injured passengers in your vehicle.

Will a MedPay Claim Reduce My Personal Injury Settlement?

Filing a MedPay claim will not reduce your personal injury settlement. It is the at-fault driver’s insurance company who is responsible for your medical bills. This is true no matter how you pay those bills.

What MedPay Does for You in California

MedPay is responsible for paying you and your passengers medical bills. It is like having additional health insurance that attaches to your auto policy. Most insurance companies offer liberal coverage for many different types of medical care.

We recommend that when you are shopping around for car insurance, you speak with someone who fully understands what MedPay is and its benefits to you and your family.

If you are suffering from injuries, please contact our office. Consultations are free!