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What is the most dangerous dog breed?

Despite what most people say and think, every dog has the potential of being dangerous. Every dog is capable of attacking. Based on cases that from 2016, most people’s injuries were due to infections by the dog bite and not the dog bite itself. Which is why it is absolutely crucial to seek medical attention after suffering from an attack. One question that seems to go around is: what is the most dangerous dog breed?

Below, we have put together a list of the top 10 dangerous dog breeds. But remember, every dog is capable of an attack. Especially if they feel threatened.

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Although the dogs on this list have many aggressive traits, with proper training and a good home, they can be loving and loyal additions to any family!

  • 10. Under proper training, Great Danes can be gentle. As is, they are already amongst the most emotional and sensitive breeds of dogs. If they are not socialized and trained at an early age, they can become aggressive. Being as they are larger in stature, their body weight and height can bring about fatalities if they attacked someone. Especially a child.
  • 9. Boxers are hunting dogs by nature and they are usually used as guard dogs. They have a very powerful jaw – which makes their bite even more so. Therefore, if proper training is not a top priority, they can turn into aggressive attackers. While training boxers, keep in mind that it is best to avoid harsh punishment as it can make a situation even worse.
  • 8. The Alaskan Malamute is a highly energetic dog and if they are not using their energy positively, they can turn quite aggressive. They have an underlying need to hunt for prey and therefore need looking after. It takes a lot of patience while training one of these dogs, as they are slow learners.
  • 7. Siberian Huskies are working dogs, just as the Alaskan Malamute has. Socializing them at an early age helps to keep aggression to a minimum. The correct form of training will help ensure that they are more calm and friendly.
  • 6. Bullmastiff’s have a natural aggressive temperament, as they are usually guard dogs. Therefore, if they lack proper training and socializing, an attack can be fatal. Since they are on the larger side, training them to be obedient is a must in order to avoid confrontation.
  • 5. Wolf Hybrid’s are as you would guess, a cross between grey wolves and dogs. This combination makes them entirely unpredictable. They have a mind of their own; which is wild and demanding. Many states have already banned the possibility of owning a Wolf Hybrid as a house pet. As they can be fatal if put into an unpleasant atmosphere.
  • 4. Doberman Pinschers are highly intelligent, strong and extremely sensitive to sound. The can sense danger and when they do, the react on their own. They are naturally aggressive towards strangers, as they are very protective over their family.
  • 3. German Shepherds can react with great speed and extreme focus. Their natural aggressive behaviors can be toned down by the appropriate training and socialization. In this way, they will also be the most loyal and loving of household pets.
  • 2. Rottweilers have one of the worst tempers of all dog breeds. Therefore, proper training and socialization will help this breed become more suitable for families.
  • 1. Pit Bulls are known as “fighter dogs.” Due to their look, the broad upper body strength, cropped ears, docked tail, they have garnered the reputation as being a fighter dog. Their jaws are extremely powerful and they are known to not release their grip. Training and proper socialization at an early age will prevent unnecessary attacks.

If you are suffering from injuries due to a dog bite, contact Silverthorne Attorneys today. Consultations are free.

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