What should I do after my accident?

What should I do after my accident?

Being involved in an accident, any kind of an accident, can be very scary and stressful. And believe it or not, the first steps you take after your accident are very important – not only to help you build your case, but for medical reasons as well. Below, we have gathered some of the necessary steps you should take following your accident.

See a doctor

We always suggest that you see a doctor immediately after you have been injured, even if you are unsure if your injuries are serious or not. Some symptoms such as head pains, discomfort, dizziness, or numbness can take time to develop after an accident.

Seeking medical attention for any injuries will only benefit the strength of your personal injury claim. Waiting days or even weeks to seek medical treatment will make it more difficult to prove that your injuries were a result of your accident.

Take notes and pictures if you can

  •  Make sure to take detailed notes on all of you injuries and medical treatments. This will help your attorney prove that you are indeed entitled to your full settlement claim.
  • Keeping any and all receipts for medications that you were prescribed is also beneficial to your case.
  • Taking photos of your injuries, if you can will be valuable evidence in your case. If you are not able to take photos yourself, ask a friend to take pictures of any and all injuries.

Do not admit fault

We have talked about not admitting fault before – you may feel, in the moment, compelled to apologize when you are the scene of the accident, however doing so can put your claim in jeopardy.

Other Tips

  • We urge you to not talk to anyone about your case unless you absolutely have to.
  • Do not settle without a personal injury attorney.
  • Do not let insurance adjusters rush you into a settlement