What to do When a Dog Bites Your Child in Laguna Niguel

dog with child

Dog attacks can be extremely dangerous. They oftentimes leave people walking way with serious injuries. Dog bites are usually instigated, but there have been times when your dog will bite out of pure jealousy; especially when a child is involved. as a Laguna Niguel dog bite lawyer in our office can attest to, there are many reasons dogs bite. Laguna Niguel dog bite attorney, Ian Silverthorne has put together some tips on what to do when your dog bites your child.

Laguna Niguel Dog Bite Attorney | Dog Bites & Jealousy

In the case of a jealously related dog attack, determine what may have been the cause. Many times, jealousy and fear can go hand-in-hand. for example, if your child pushed the dog away when she wants to cuddle, this can provoke a jealous response. to prevent this kind of response, teach your child that he or she can always share attention with the dog. as the parent, it is wise to never push the dog away when your child wants to hang out. in essence, you have to be okay with being the “family couch.” This will help promote healthy bonding time with the dog and limits the possibility of the dog becoming jealous.

Laguna Niguel Dog Bite Lawyer | Dog Bites & Fear

To prevent a fear based dog attack, make sure you set clear boundaries in your home. If your dog is high strung or is easily startled by loud noises, make sure you have boundaries set in place. They may seem to be an inconvenience to your guests, but remember that a guest is a guest – your dog is your family. These rules apply to children living in and visiting the home as well. It is best to teach the children that pestering the dog, or pulling their tail is never okay.

Laguna Niguel Dog Attack Attorney | Accidental Bites

Laguna Niguel dog attack lawyer, Ian Silverthorne, believes that the best way to prevent accident dog bites is to prevent anything that will lead to a fight. If you have two or more animals, never feed them together. Never put them in situations where you know that your dogs will be at risk. Accidental bites also occur if your child is not paying attention to the warning signs that trigger your dog. Remember to teach your children trigger warnings that your dog is uncomfortable.

Laguna Niguel Dog Attack Lawyer | Preventing an Attack

The best way to prevent a dog attack is to never put your animal in the position to where there will be a dog fight. If you have children, it is better to adopt a puppy than to get an older dog – then your child and your dog can learn how to interact with each other from infancy.

Preventing dog attacks is all about being vigilant when it comes to training and making sure that your home is a safe space for your animal.

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