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When Should I Call an Auto Accident Attorney?

When Should I Call an Auto Accident Attorney? We always advise that you seek out a car crash lawyer within a week or two of your accident. Whether you think you have a case or not, it is always best to be safe than sorry. an experienced accident attorney can help determine if you truly have a case or not. We suggest you seek counsel from an attorney right away if the following should occur:

When Should I Call an Auto Accident Attorney?

  •  You are confused over the terms of your policy and need an experienced lawyer to look it over for you.
  • You need an expert to look over the paperwork with you.
  • It is unclear where the fault lies or both parties are at fault.
  • You are unsure how to properly evaluate your claim.
    • Knowing the value of your claim is very important, especially if there are damages that extend past needing car repairs.
  • The insurance adjuster asks you to provide them with medical records from before the accident.
  • An adjuster has made you an offer that you feel is far less than what your claim is worth.
    • This is actually common practice for insurance adjusters. They try to get you the lowest possible settlement in order to make the insurance company more money.
  • You are not confident that you can negotiate an adequate and fair settlement on your own.
    • Insurance adjusters are very good at making you feel insecure. They will take their time in “reviewing” your claim and then will rush you to make a decision on a low-ball settlement. Having an experienced attorney on your side will greatly help take the burden off of your shoulders.
  • If there are extenuating circumstances in which your case is more valuable – i.e. serious injuries with significant medical bills and you are left with no residual income.
  • If the insurance company rejects your claim and you believe that it was a mistake on their part.
  • The offer that the insurance company came back to you with is far too low to cover your medical expenses and the damage done to your car.
  • If the injured party is a minor who suffered from serious injuries in the accident.
  • Liability is being disputed by the other party’s insurance company.
  • It has been a year since your accident and you’re not even close to acquiring a settlement and you are unsure of the statute of limitations in your state.
  • The circumstance surrounding your case need extensive investigation.
  • The other party involved served you with a lawsuit.
  • A death resulted from the accident.
  • The police report does not give an accurate account of the accident, placing you at fault.

Remember, whether you think you have a case or not, speaking to an accident attorney about your accident can and will bring you peace of mind. We will be able to guide you through every aspect of your case in order to take the burden off of your shoulders.

Contact our office to speak with an attorney today. Consultations are free.

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