Who Pays Medical Bills After a Car Accident?

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In the state of California, when you are injured in an accident that was not your fault, the at-fault party is responsible for paying your medical bills. Paying medical bills is one of the biggest concerns our clients have and sometimes the insurance companies will make this process much more difficult that it needs to be. They will often try to low-ball your settlement or outright deny your claim. Below, the team at Silverthorne Attorneys goes over some ways to get your medical bills paid after your auto accident.

Who Will Pay My Medical Bills After A Car Accident In California?

The short and seemingly complicated answer to who will pay your medical bills is you! When you are injured in an auto accident due to someone else, the at-fault party’s insurance company will eventually be responsible for paying your hospital & medical bills. However, this will not happen right away. If you have to pay medical expenses out of pocket, rest assured that the team at Silverthorne Attorneys is doing everything in their power to get you compensated for those expenses.

How we go about our cases is, we wait until you have reached what is called maximum medical improvement (MMI). This means that you have improved as much as you will post accident. You may or may not get back to your peak physical state you were in prior to the accident; while on the other hand, you may. Once you are finished with medical treatment, that is when we gather all of your medical records and bills and send it to the insurance company in what is called a demand for settlement. We include all expenses that were paid by you in the demand and if there are any other underlying factors.

Doctors Who Work On Liens

Our team likes to make sure that you find and are getting the best possible medical attention for any injuries you sustain. We prefer to have you seek medical attention from doctors who work on a lien. This is so you do not have to pay anything out of pocket – ever! When you see a doctor who is treating you on a lien, the understanding is that they will treat you and when treatment is complete, they will get paid from a portion of the final settlement.

Working with doctors on a lien is another benefit of having an attorney who works on a contingency fee basis; you don’t have to worry about finances while you are getting treatment.


MedPay is an add-on to your auto policy and oftentimes, whether you are at-fault or not, you can use your MedPay to help pay for any medical treatment you may need. in fact, that is exactly what it is for. Some MedPay coverage plans only add an additional $40/yr to your policy. and it is well worth it if you do not have medical insurance or if you need your medical bills to be paid before your case settles.

When Will Medical Bills Be Paid?

This is another concern our clients have. the rest of your medical bills that are not covered by insurance will be paid once your case settles. You should be aware, it may take months to settle your case – even longer if your auto accident attorney has to file a lawsuit.

As with most car accident cases, the settlement process begins once you complete treatment and your auto accident lawyer gathers all medical records and bills and everything is sent to the insurance company for review. This is usually what takes the longest. the insurance companies like to drag their feet on this last step. This is because they know your bills need to be paid and they are hoping you will settle for their first offer. Even if their first offer is not adequate for your injuries. We have seen this so many times. Our auto accident lawyers have dealt with insurance companies for years. We see how they try to bully our clients into accepting s settlement that is nowhere near close to helping pay their medical bills.

Why Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer?

One of the best reasons to hire an auto accident lawyer is because we can do all of this for you. Yes, keeping up with your own medical records and knowing the bills is important. However, it is our job to make sure we know what is going on with your case and how much medical treatment you receive.

Your Orange County car accident lawyer will be able to make a demand to the insurance company that will be more than enough for your medical bills. That is why we only work with doctors who take liens. You should never have to worry about how your bills are going to be paid.

Here at Silverthorne Attorneys, we believe that the only thing you should be focusing on is your health. We will take care of everything. We want to take the burden of paperwork, medical billing and payment off of your shoulders. That is why we believe that we are the best auto accident law firm in Southern California. We put the needs of our clients before insurance companies. and we never back down to them when they are trying to take advantage of you during this time.

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