Driving Distracted: Why It’s Dangerous

doing makeup and driving

Excited about tonight, you quickly change out of your work clothes, grab your ball, and head outside. After a long day at the office, you want nothing more than to head over to the court. Placing your ball and a bottle of water in the trunk, you climb into the front seat, buckle up, and reverse out of the driveway. As any car accident lawyer knows, driving while distracted has consequences.

Driving down Camino Capistrano, you slow down, switch on your blinker, and turn into the parking lot. Finding a space closer to the basketball courts, you park your car, and step out onto the pavement. Opening your trunk, you take out your ball just as one of your friends pulls into the spot alongside you.

Suddenly, without looking, an unknown driver quickly reverses out of the space across from your car. With less than a second to leap out of the way, you find yourself unable to escape the oncoming vehicle. As their back bumper collides with the side of your knee, your entire body flies backwards. Furthermore, causing you to land hard against the pavement. Immediately upon impact, a screaming pain emits from the side of your knee where it was struck by the metal bumper. Rushing over from their car, your friend bends down to comfort you, and dials emergency services.

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