Have you had a personal injury accident in Adelanto that was not your fault?

You Need an Adelanto Personal Injury Attorney.

We here, at Silverthorne Attorneys, provide the essential and accurate help that you need. We are an experienced, guided bodily injury and personal injury attorney firm that will help you get results so you will successfully overcome your unfortunate situation.

Whether it is you personally, a family member, loved one, or even a buddy from school, we can provide the professional help needed to make the best legal and financial recovery possible.

Accidents happen everyday-but most of the time, they are not accidents. They are preventable mishaps, where fault can be rightfully applied to someone involved, apart from the innocent victim. If you are the faultless victim, we are here for you. We are professional bodily injury lawyers.

Trying to handle this on your own with stubborn insurance companies is not a good idea. The wrong-doer’s insurance company will dispute claims or turn your words around. Meanwhile, the bills pile up from hospitals, doctors, surgeons, specialists, and physical therapists. Get a free consultation from a personal injury lawyer, which is where our service begins. Call us today!

You need an experienced, caring legal team of bodily injury and personal injury attorneys to achieve the proper results. Here in Adelanto, Silverthorne Attorneys can do that for you.

Perhaps you lost your means of transportation in the accident or you are in the hospital for an extended stay. Maybe you lost work, wages, and business or had to live through the terrifying experience of multiple MRIs and medical appointments. This can all be resolved for you through the legal system in your favor. Please call us. Timing is important.

Once you establish contact with us, we will most likely research the other party, examine the police report and any available photos or video, obtain cell phone records and 911 calls, and of course, we will need all medical records.

Perhaps Your Injury Came From an Auto Accident

Adelanto has some risky traffic areas. If you were involved in an incident involving U.S. Highway 395, Interstate 15, Bartlett Avenue, Chamberlaine Way, or in the vicinity of the Bartlett Square Shopping Center, Silverthorne Attorneys has a familiarity with these spots and is prepared to help you. Obviously, these are just a few troubled traffic zones.

We understand that there are many other isolated standpoints and circumstances. We can address any location, issue, accident, or personal injury case. We handle dozens of different types of injuries. Please check out the rest of our website to learn more about how we can help you with your specific injury situation.

You Need A Local Injury Attorney-Not A National Firm

Adelanto is Spanish for ìprogress,î or ìadvance.î It is no coincidence that we, Silverthorne Attorneys, as your hired personal injury lawyer, will do exactly those expressive translations for you and your case. We will utilize progress and purposely advance your specific situation to resolve the ending in your favor, helping and aiding you to the fullest possibility.

What are the Costs Involved?

If, and when we decide to take on your case, you still do not have to spend a cent. The initial consultation is free of charge. When you feel satisfied, and hire us as your injury attorney, we will begin working immediately and diligently to help you resolve a very unpleasant situation with the best results. Your settlement will not cost you. It will help you. On rare occasions, unfortunately, if you do not receive a settlement, then we do not get disbursed as well. However, we take on your case with the ultimate confidence, and a solid success rate, so as to not even include failure as a possibility.

An injury lawyer works on a contingency basis. Silverthorne Attorneys will incur all costs fighting for you and your specific case. After everything that you have been through, there is little or no need for you to distress about financial factors. That will all be taken care of after a successful conclusion. Call us and we will explain the details.

Some Information About the Nemesis- The Insurance Companies

Remember, insurance companies are businesses-they are in the so-called game to make money. Therefore, they only want to spend money to make money. Spending money to pay your settlement is the last thing that they want to happen, and they will do everything possible to avoid doing so; your settlement check doesn’t result in a profit for the company. But that is not your problem.

You are the client we help, not hinder. Silverthorne Attorneys, as your personal injury lawyer, has an ethical responsibility to represent you when you have been hurt, injured, wronged, or treated in a horrible manner due to something that is not your fault. That is why we are here for you.

Many times, an insurance company adjustor or the company’s attorney may make an offer to you to avoid a lawsuit. We have successfully negotiated these cases. However, some insurance companies are reluctant to do anything. They would rather just sit and wait it out. Or, in a case involving a car accident for example, the insurance company and their legal representation may also go to a great extent to reverse the wrong-doer’s fault, manipulate the accident report to reduce the settlement, or maybe even attempt to dismiss the entire situation. We do not let that happen.

On An Ending Note

Please just keep a few things in mind. After a personal injury, if you are looking for any and all aspects of recovery, it is not something you would ever want to do alone. Please call for a free consultation. Also, it can be a complicated process. There will be dozens of phone calls, several negotiations and conferences, piles of paper work, and possible dates in court-let us do the work. You have been through enough. Call us today here at Silverthorne Attorneys for a free talk regarding your situation.

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