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Searching for a Personal Injury Attorney in Anaheim, California?

When you or your loved ones have been harmed, we know that recovery is a difficult challenge. Dealing with the injuries sustained from someone else’s negligence can be stressful and overwhelming.

The damage done to you and your family deserves to be compensated by those responsible.

Make sure that you hire a determined bodily injury attorney to carry the burden of your case while you recover. Trying to handle the complexities of the legal system by yourself while suffering the emotional results of an accident is highly likely to lead to a poor outcome.

Please don’t risk the compensation you need. Silverthorne Attorneys will pursue your case without requiring any fees up-front, and we only ask for payment once we have won your case.

Since the bills pile up quickly when you’ve been hurt, we can get started on your case right away. For a completely free consultation to answer all of your questions, please call us now.

Need an Injury Lawyer to Come to You?

If you or your family members are in the hospital or are unable to visit a local office due to your injuries, Silverthorne Attorneys will have a legal representative come to you.

We are deeply passionate about helping those who have been victimized. The only cases we take are those in which we are standing up for the victim’s rights.

The insurance companies with their huge legal teams and the defendants responsible are never the ones we represent. We care solely about the needs of those who have been hurt.

Our devotion and loyalty set us apart from other law firms.

Although a great plaintiff lawyer should always put enough time into your case, there are many times in which they are overburdened with cases and just want to settle them quickly. We will never rush your case or settle for an amount that is less than what you deserve.

If you want a law firm who puts the needs of clients first representing you, please call us right away. You will have an experienced accident attorney answer all of your questions for free.

You Only Pay Once We’ve Won

A contingency fee form of payment is one in which the payment is only required if and when the case is won. This means that there is no risk of huge legal fees if you don’t win.

Whether we settle after firm negotiations that get you the money you need or have to take your case all the way to the Orange County Superior Court, we only collect our fees after securing a financial award for you. Clients never have to worry about being unable to afford our services.

You deserve an excellent Anaheim personal injury lawyer no matter how little money you currently have. When you need someone who can begin your case with no money down, please contact us immediately.

Wondering “Is My Case Worth Pursuing”?

Although it is always best to speak with a trained injury attorney regarding the specifics of your circumstances, it is highly likely that you have a case if someone else was in part or fully responsible for your injuries.

Every person, company, and other entity has a legal obligation to not cause a risk to the public safety of others. When this obligation is violated, whether willfully or due to negligence, the responsible party should be held responsible for their actions.

Often, it takes a legal case to get a negligent party to change their ways. It isn’t unheard of for many minor incidents to be ignored before a serious injury is inflicted.

Taking action against those who wronged you will ensure that others won’t be harmed in the future. You will also be able to secure the funds you likely need to recover from your trauma.

Statements to Insurance Companies Should Always Be Reviewed

Never trust the defendant’s insurance company to deal with you fairly. Unfortunately, they are known for twisting your words. Making a simple statement of regret that an incident occurred can be made to sound like you are at fault.

Please never make statements to the insurance company opposing you without checking with a smart accident lawyer. Proceeding without the guidance of a wise representative could spell disaster for your case.

If you need someone to advise you on your official statements, please call us right away. We will be happy to provide a free consultation that includes advice on how to deal with the guilty party’s insurance company.

We Want to Remind You to Please Drive Safely

While there are many types of cases that we pursue, one of the most common that cause severe injuries is car accidents. We would like to remind everyone to drive carefully when they are on the road. Although you can never completely eliminate the risk from other drivers, we want you and your family to be as safe as possible.

Many serious accidents happen on high-speed roadways like Interstate 5, SR-91 (Riverside Freeway), and SR-57 (Orange Freeway). However, serious incidents also take place at and near intersections such as the one at South Euclid Street and West Crone Ave near Willow Park.

Regrettably, people tend to underestimate the injuries that can be caused from a relatively low-speed red light, T-bone, or rear-end crash. Any time large vehicles crash into others, there can be a great deal of damage.

If you have suffered from an auto accident or other injury that was the result of another person’s negligent behavior, please get in touch with us as soon as possible to ensure you get justice.

Choose an Anaheim Bodily Injury Lawyer Who Is Dedicated

A good plaintiff attorney should always have your best interests at heart. Please don’t settle for a law firm that takes on too many clients at once and has to rush your case.

You deserve to have people working for you that are completely devoted and skilled at their work. At Silverthorne Attorneys, your needs always come first.

When you need loyal, hardworking representatives, please call us. Once you call, you will have a completely free consultation that will give you the guidance you need for your case right away.

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