How to Avoid a Garden Grove Car Accident

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According to accident information collected over a period of eighteen years and compiled by CityData, Orange County always has more fatal car wrecks than the state average. Does this mean that motorists from Anaheim to Yorba Linda are worse drivers than in other California counties? Probably not. What the stats do indicate, however, is that a massive number of drivers in this area are involved in a whole lot of wrecks. Some are minor. However, many Orange County traffic accidents result in serious injury or even death. That is why hiring a car accident attorney is a good idea after your accident.

What can one person do to lessen their chances of being involved in a Garden Grove car accident? Here are a few suggestions:

Car Accident Attorney | How to Avoid Accidents

Learn and Practice Defensive Driving Skills

If you have never taken a proper driving class, do so. There is more to being an excellent driver than merely passing the test to get a license. Defensive drivers learn to anticipate and avoid trouble. When something like a tire blowout happens, a defensively trained driver knows how to handle the situation without panic.

Don’t Eat, Apply Mascara or Daydream While Motoring

Distracted drivers are far more likely to cause a collision than those who pay careful attention to the road. Keep an eye on road conditions ahead and be sure to notice nearby cars. Make frequent glances into your rear-view and side mirrors.

Use Your Turn Signals

A sorry number of freeway collisions occur simply because one driver did not show nearby drivers that he or she intended to change lanes or take a turnoff. Garden Grove highways would be exponentially safer places if all drivers followed this one basic rule.

Keep Your Vehicle in Good Repair

Check the air pressure in your tires regularly. an improperly inflated tire can blow out without warning. Don’t drive with a broken windshield or missing mirrors. If your check engine lights come on when you start the car, have it serviced without delay.

Never Text While Driving

Are cell phones the worst thing to ever happen to California roadways? Whether they are or are not, this may be the #1 rule to follow if you wish to avoid an accident in Garden Grove. the number of people who have caused injury, death and property damage whilst sending or receiving text messages is staggering. There is no excuse for texting that outweighs the risks.

These are all common sense suggestions, but accident statistics prove that many Orange County drivers ignore them completely. If you were hurt due to another driver’s inattention or idiocy, please contact us immediately. We are Silverthorne Attorneys, and we’re here to help.