Proper Auto Maintenance to Avoid Accidents

car maintanence

Most car accidents are caused by a failure on the part of the driver. However, mechanical problems still contribute to a sizable number of accidents every year. Our car crash lawyer reports that the majority of the time, the mechanical problem was the result of poor maintenance rather than a manufacturing defect.

Sometimes car accidents are a direct result of a mechanical failure such as a tire blowout. Mechanical problems can also contribute to an accident. Such as when a worn steering linkage prevents the aggressive driver from getting out of tight situations.

Mechanical problems that can cause a Rancho Cucamonga car accident include tire problems, bad brakes, worn steering linkages, bad wiper blades, and burnt out headlights.

Tire Problems

Two reasons for tire problems are: improper tire inflation and worn out tire treads. Improper tire inflation can cause tire damage that may cause a tire blowout on the road. It can also accelerate the wear rate of the tire’s treads. Worn out treads can also occur as the result of failure to rotate tires or to replace them. Worn out treads causes hydroplaning as well as poor braking performance on wet roads.

Bad Brakes

There are a number of components within a car’s brake system that can wear out over time or through extensive car use. Braking performance may be diminished or completely lost when these components wear out. Brake pads and shoes wear out and reduce braking friction. Seals degrade and weaken over time which can cause brake fluid leakage. Brake lines also get old and may develop leaks. an old master brake cylinder can fail to develop enough pressure to actuate the brakes.

Worn Steering Linkage

The signs of a worn steering linkage are excessive looseness in your steering and perhaps a tendency of your car to wander while driving straight. Another sign is rapid wear of your tires. If this condition is allowed to persist, the tie rod can fail causing the car to violently veer to one side.

Worn Out Wiper Blades or Burnt Out Headlight

Both of these devices are required for properly seeing the road. If you can barely discern the traffic on the road because of water streaks from a worn wiper blade in a rain storm or because you have a single working headlight at night, then an accident is in your future. It is simply a matter of time.

Being a responsible driver means taking proper care of your vehicle. If an accident results from improper maintenance, you will likely be found at fault because of negligence.

If you have been in an accident because the other driver’s car had mechanical problems, he may be at fault. Contact us at Silverthorne Attorneys for a free consultation.