Avoiding Drunk-Driving Accidents

drunk driving accident

Drunk driving is not just a problem in certain states, it is a national problem. There are valuable resources and programs that are implemented in order to remind people of the dangers. When you plan to go outdrinking, you are potentially setting yourself up to be in a tough situation. as you know, drinking and driving can lead to a devastating car accident.

In order to help prevent a Mission Viejo car accident because of drunk driving, here are some tips that you should keep in mind so you and others will be safe.

Plan Ahead

If you know that you might have several drinks, you will need to find someone who will drive you home. You should have this figured out before you go out to drink. the person who will be driving you home should be sober. Having a designated driver or utilizing Uber or Lyft can prevent accidents.

What are Your Friends Doing?

Someone may tell you that they are fine to drive, but if you have been watching their drink intake, you will be able to tell if that person is not fine enough to drive. If you know the person has been drinking and he or she does get behind the wheel, you should alert the authorities as soon as possible.

DUI-related accidents can certainly be fatal and devastating for everyone who is involved in the accident. There will be emotional difficulties and financial difficulties along the way, and these issues can be distressing and overwhelming. Someone who has lost a loved one because of an accident cause by a drunk driver has the right to purse legal actions in order to be compensated.

Have You Been Injured by a Drunk Driver? Contact a Car Accident Lawyer Today!

The above tips can help you, but you should still unfortunately be part of a drunk driving accident. If you or someone you love were ever involved in a drunk driving accident, contact us to understand what your legal rights are.