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3 Major Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make When You Are Hurt

Silverthorne Attorneys has seen many unfortunate mistakes made by those who are suffering injuries due to negligence. Most are the result of simple inexperience with the legal system. Odds are, you will have had very little experience with law in your life when a tragedy strikes.

We completely understand that you are likely feeling overwhelmed during this difficult time. If you need assistance in a hurry, please call us right away for the quickest response.

Here are a few mistakes that any wise Brea personal injury lawyer would advise you to avoid:

Waiting too long to start your case – The defendant’s insurance company will be building their defense from the moment they are informed of the accident. Delaying your case by not contacting a skilled plaintiff attorney will only result in the evidence growing cold and them getting ahead of you. In addition, if the statute of limitations expires, then you will have completely waived your right to receive any compensation now and in the future due to not starting your case in time.

Trying to handle the case alone – It is highly unlikely that the defendant will be without an accident lawyer (or even a team of representatives provided by the involved insurance company), so it is a huge risk to try to handle your case alone. The defense will do everything they can to make it seem like you bear responsibility for the incident so that they can escape paying you a fair sum.

Not selecting a bodily injury attorney carefully – Not all legal representatives are the same. In fact, there is a huge difference between various law firms. Some focus on volume instead of quality. This inevitably results in quick but low value settlements. It is very important that you select a representative who will care about your case and dedicate the time needed to get the maximum possible compensation.

Your Best Interests Matter to Us

We always communicate with our clients to work towards an outcome that best suits them. If you need the highest possible financial award that takes into account scarring, long-term injuries, lost income potential, and emotional trauma, then that is what we will fight to obtain.

We are ready and willing to take your case all the way to the Orange County Superior Court if the defense is unwilling to meet your demands through firm negotiations.

It takes dedication and persistence to get you the most compensation for your suffering, and we never give up until your needs have been met in full. We understand just how important getting enough money can be for your family’s medical and financial recovery. A compassionate accident attorney should always care about getting you the funds you need.

When you want compassionate but strong representation, please contact us as soon as possible.

When You Need a Travelling Personal Injury Attorney in Brea, California

If your injuries are so severe that you are unable to travel, then we can come directly to you. We will also come to the hospital if you or your loved ones are unable to leave.

While taking care of your emergency medical needs is the most important task you should focus on, the next step to ensure justice for your injuries is to contact us. It really is extremely important to start building your case right away. The longer you wait, the more likely that the defense will find a way to escape responsibility for their negligent actions.

If you need a plaintiff lawyer who will come straight to your door when you are hurt, please call us now.

We Exclusively Represent Those Harmed by Negligence

Silverthorne Attorneys never represents defendants or insurance agencies. We solely focus on helping the victims who have been harmed.

This means that you never have to worry about a conflict of interest. The needs of the injured are our only focus. We are passionately committed to our work, which allows us to help those who have been wronged.

We believe that a great injury lawyer should always keep their clients’ needs at the heart of everything they do. That is how we practice law and how we serve you.

Please Keep Safety First When Driving

We want you and your family to stay safe while on the road. Please follow all of the traffic laws and vehicle safety guidelines. Maintain your brakes, tires, and other important equipment. Never drive impaired or recklessly. Please make sure that your friends and family stay safe too.

Even when you do your best to stay safe on the road, we know that a negligent driver can still cause you to be involved in an accident. In addition to your usual safe driving practices, please keep the following in mind:

Rear-end accidents tend to happen when a speed limit or traffic light change occurs that slows down traffic abruptly. This also commonly happens when trying to exit freeways. Exit 10 of the Orange Freeway, which leads to Lambert Road is one example of where rear-end collisions have been known to occur. Please signal ahead of time and slowly transition into the exit lanes.

T-Bone collisions tend to occur at intersections where traffic travels perpendicular to other lanes. This is more of a risk in areas with high traffic when people want to speed through a light that just changed to red or are trying to squeeze in a u-turn. The Imperial Highway near the Brea Mall and other popular attractions is prone to this type of driving behavior.

Pick the Right Brea Bodily Injury Lawyer

Picking a caring injury attorney can make the difference between a small settlement and a large financial award. Silverthorne Attorneys knows that your injuries go beyond the immediate physical pain that you experienced.

Physical and emotional complications from your accident can bother you for years afterwards. We make sure that the compensation you receive accounts for the loss in quality of life you may be suffering. The person responsible should pay you in full, and we will make that happen.

Call us now to get started.

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