Car Accidents Causing Disfigurement

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Disfigurement is the marring of one’s physical appearance and can have a severe impact on a person’s life. There are many reasons it can happen. However, in car accidents, it is the result of lacerations and burns, crushed or fractured facial bones, even the loss of a body part. These types of injuries are caused by fires or mechanical trauma from impact with objects and glass. Hiring a personal injury lawyer to help bring back your peace of mind is always the best course of action.

Disfigurement can be life altering. This is because it has a detrimental effect on a person’s ability to find work, socialize, have relationships, etc. Disfigurement of visible parts of the body present the greatest adjustment for individuals.


Because there are many forms of disfigurement, treatment will vary. the loss of a body part will require an artificial replacement. Burns may require skin grafts. Damage to facial bones may necessitate reconstructive surgery. Severe scarring may be treated with laser treatment or dermabrasion.


Compensation can include medical expenses such as surgeries, treatments, medication, dental work for damaged teeth, physical therapy, consultations, wheelchairs, permanent disability, and ambulance costs.

Lost wages can be claimed if treatment of the disfigurement prevents one from earning his or her normal wages. Lost wages can also be claimed if the disfigurement affects a person’s future ability to earn his normal wages. for example, a roofer who loses his leg will no longer be able to work at his trade.

When the disfigurement causes physical, emotional, or mental distress, one can be compensated for “pain and suffering.” Pain and suffering will depend on the severity and location of the disfigurement as well as other considerations. for example, a scar on a man’s arm does not result in the same pain and suffering as a scar on the face of a woman.

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