Common Fontana Bike Accident Scenarios

bicycle accident

As more people take to the roads on their bicycles, more accidents with cars are inevitable. Bicyclists are at a disadvantage when they share the road with cars. Their smaller size makes them difficult to see. It also increases the risk of injury in an accident with a car. Hiring an accident attorney will help get you the compensation you need in order to receive the compensation you deserve.

Fontana bike accident can be avoided by being aware of these common accident scenarios:

Car Collides with Bicyclist at an Intersection

Intersections are complex situations and a motorist’s attention is primarily focused on other cars. He may overtake a cyclist ahead of him at an intersection and make a right turn into the bicyclist.

Similar accidents at intersections involve motorists making a left turn into a bicyclist. Motorists pulling in front of a cyclist from a side road, and motorists failing to see a cyclist that is making a left turn.

Road Surface Issue Causes Cyclist to Lose Control

Bicycles have narrow tires and are less stable than cars. Pot holes, poorly designed drain covers, railroad crossings, gravel, and debris can cause the cyclist to lose control and hit a car.

Motorist Opens a Door in Front of Bicyclist

A cyclist gets “doored” when he passes a parked car too closely and the motorist fails to look before opening his door.

Car or Cyclist Tries to Pass the Other on the Right

Bicycles take up little room on the road which makes passing on the right a tempting maneuver for either the cyclist passing a car or the car passing a cyclist.

Speeding Causes Cyclist to Lose Control

A fit person on a good bicycle can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. This is fast enough to exceed the posted speed limits on many roads. A rock in the road, a tire blowout, or an unexpected pedestrian crossing can cause a bad accident with another car. Whether your speed is 40 mph or 15 mph, if it is too fast for the conditions and traffic situation, you are going too fast.

Are You Suffering from Injuries? Contact an Accident Attorney Today!

If you are injured on your bicycle because of the actions of a motorist or because of road surface conditions, don’t hesitate to consult with an attorney. Silverthorne Attorneys are experienced with personal injury cases that involve bicyclists. Contact us today for more information. Suffering from injuries due to the negligence of another is never your fault. Hiring an accident attorney will only help increase your ability to receive an adequate settlement.