Defective Brakes Attorney in Orange County, California

Everyone who drives knows that brakes are the most basic safety systems on an automobile. Silverthorne Attorneys knows that any defects in a vehicle’s braking system can create conditions for a serious accident, possibly resulting in injury or death.

Silverthorne Attorneys routinely handles car accidents caused by defective brakes. Even with advanced technology and improvements, the experts at Silverthorne Attorneys handle dozens of cases where people are killed or injured every year in accidents attributed to defective brakes.

There are various ways that an attorney can assist you if a defective braking system or faulty brakes led to your car accident. You may be dealing with one or more insurance companies to try to recover compensation for your injuries. You may wonder if you have a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the vehicle. An Orange County defective brakes lawyer from Silverthorne Attorneys who is experienced in handling claims related to defective brakes can review the circumstance surrounding your case to determine precisely how to hold any and all responsible parties liable.

Handling claims of this kind requires a thorough understanding of braking systems and how design or manufacturing defects may affect these. Our attorneys work closely with investigators, expert witnesses and various qualified professionals to accurately ascertain whether a defect was present and how to prove this.

Types of Brake Defects

Common brake defects include:

  • Brake fluid leaks.
  • Brake line defects.
  • Failure of anti-lock braking system.
  • Parking brake failure due to design and manufacturing defects.
  • Brake shift interlock and brake light defects.
  • Hydraulics failure.
  • Rotors and/or drum failure.
  • Air brake defects including defects in the reversing plate and rod, slide valve, and air valves.

In many cases, Silverthorne Attorneys knows that brake defects can be attributed to the design of the braking system, while in others, defects occur during the manufacturing process. The defective brake lawsuits we handle have revealed that either: automobile companies are unaware of defects until it is brought to their attention after an inordinate number of accidents, or the manufacturer is aware of the defects but proceeds with marketing and sales of vehicles containing the defective brakes anyway.

Defective brakes have been the focus of numerous recalls and lawsuits. Class action lawsuits filed by Silverthorne Attorneys have gone against some of the biggest automobile companies in the country as a result of defective brakes.

Injured as a Result of Defective Brakes? Talk to Silverthorne Attorneys

If defective brakes or any other auto defect contributed to or caused your car accident, make sure you talk to one of our lawyers about the possibility of filing a product liability lawsuit. Recovering financial compensation for all of your medical bills, future medical treatment, rehabilitative care and lost earnings can make all the difference as you begin rebuilding and moving forward with your life. You may even be entitled to non-economic damages for emotional trauma or pain and suffering.

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