Injury Lawyer: Sudden Acceleration Car Accidents

acceleration accident

Losing control of your car is a horrifying experience. Loss of control is usually associated with loss of steering or braking. However another way this happens is when a car accelerates unintentionally. This is especially deadly because a car may accelerate in situations that can cause harm. The most terrifying aspect of this type of accident is that the longer the uncontrolled acceleration persists, the more deadly the accident.

Causes of Sudden Acceleration Car Accidents

This type of accident has two basic causes. It is either caused by the driver or is the result of a car malfunction. Drivers who are in an unfamiliar car may press the gas pedal instead of the brakes. Sometimes this happens out of panic, distraction, fatigue, confusion, or intoxication. If the person is wearing especially large footwear he may accidentally press the gas pedal while applying the brakes.

When the accelerator hangs up on a loose object or a sloppily placed floor mat, it is a form of driver negligence. If the throttle linkage under the hood of the car jams because of an object left there by an auto mechanic, it is also a form of negligence.

Some of these types of accidents are caused by a car defect like a defective gas pedal, or defective brakes. A number of car makes have had problems with malfunctioning electronics that unexpectedly caused the car to accelerate wildly. There have been a number of cases where sudden acceleration occurred from driver inputs that had nothing to do with acceleration such as using the brakes.

Avoiding Sudden Acceleration Car Accidents

  • When driving an unfamiliar car, check the locations of the gas and brake pedals.
  • Avoid wearing large and bulky boots or shoes.
  • Keep the floor clear of loose objects and check the floor mat placement.
  • Keep up with your car maintenance schedule.
  • Never leave objects such as tools or a loose oil cap under the hood of your car.
  • Thoroughly research the safety of any new car before purchasing.
  • When a car suddenly accelerates, a well maintained brake should overpower the acceleration. Stop the car in a safe spot, then turn off the engine.
  • Beware of turning off the engine while your car is moving because the steering will lock up.

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