Fontana Car and Motorcycle Accident

car and motorcycle

A car versus motorcycle accident often results in severe injuries or even death. A Fontana car versus motorcycle accident that occurred on October 9th unfortunately had a fatal outcome. According to the news report, a car pulled out in front of a motorcycle and the rider was knocked off his bike. Then a second vehicle ran over the motorcyclist as it was driving by. Adrian Melecio died in the hospital following the accident. He was 22 years old. the driver of the vehicle that had pulled in front of Adrian was treated in the hospital for neck and arm pain.

Can car drivers do anything to reduce the probability of having an accident with a motorcyclist? Yes. It is also possible to reduce the likelihood of a fatal outcome if a crash does occur. Keep in mind the following safe driving tips so you can avoid an accident.

Look Twice

There is a popular saying “Look Twice. Save a Life.” Motorcycles are smaller than a car and therefore are easy to miss. If you are going to change lanes or turn, make sure you look twice before you act.

Always Signal

Motorcyclists realize that they can be easy to miss and therefore are often trying to predict what surrounding cars are going to do. It is much easier to predict a turn or lane change if the vehicle uses their signal.  Therefore, it is recommended that you get in the habit of always using your signals even if you think no one is nearby to see. by signaling what you are about to do, you may give a motorcyclist a chance to react and avoid an accident.

Extra Room

Allow extra room when driving near a motorcycle. If you are behind a motorcycle allow more space than you usually would for a car. If one is next to you speed up or slow down so they are not in your blind spot.

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