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Every member of our staff works diligently to ensure the best outcome for each of our clients. We believe in helping those who have survived through or suffered a loss due to a negligent event.

Our goal is always to win the highest possible amount of compensation for your suffering. We truly care about you, and want to make sure you and your family won’t be burdened by debts from your awful experience.

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“Will You Take My Case?”

To receive a precise, personalized answer, you will need to call and speak with an experienced plaintiff lawyer. However, there are a number of case types that we often take.

We handle the following kinds of cases that bring harm to clients:

Automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents

Boat, bus, and other transport related events

Dog and other animal attacks

Work, slip-and-fall, unsafe property, and business incidents

Food poisoning, product safety failure, and pharmaceutical injury

Escalator malfunction, theme park injuries, burns and electrical harm

Other cases that cause harm due to negligence

“How Do I Know If Negligence Was Involved?”

Again, it is always best to speak with a skilled accident lawyer regarding the unique event you experienced. In general, though, negligence is determined as whether or not a person, business, or other entity failed in their duty to protect public safety.

If a business was warned about a dangerous hazard before a harmful accident and did not act to rectify it, then they failed in their duty to keep a safe environment for their customers. They would most likely be considered to have acted negligently due to avoiding a known issue that posed a threat to others.

Similarly, a drunken individual who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle is knowingly putting others in harm’s way. The moment they put others at risk by driving while intoxicated, they are acting in a manner that is negligently putting other drivers on the road, as well as pedestrians and cyclists, at risk.

Please call us for a free consultation if you need help determining whether your case involved negligence.

3 Symptoms of Slow-Developing Complications

Any time you have been involved in a traumatic accident, you need to remember that some medical complications are not immediately obvious but can develop slowly over time. Symptoms that an intelligent Huntington Beach bodily injury lawyer should have you watch for include:

Headache or head pressure

Dizziness, confusion, or vision disturbances

Vomiting or nausea

These are just three of many common issues that could indicate whiplash, concussion, internal bleeding, or even a developing heart concern. Silverthorne Attorneys advises that, if you notice yourself or your loved ones exhibiting these symptoms or other unusual behaviors after being involved in an accident, you should seek medical help promptly.

Never take the risk of ignoring a medical concern that could become serious. Remember that the guilty party is responsible for the costs of any medical treatment required for injuries resulting from their negligence.

When you need the assistance of a driven, compassionate plaintiff attorney, please call us immediately.

We Will Recover Your True Costs

While many firms focus on just your basic medical costs, we know that you may also suffer from lost earning potential, scarring, lasting injuries, and a lessened quality of life after your traumatic experience.

We focus on winning our clients every penny they deserve for these complex issues. You should always have the security of knowing that your accident attorney is looking out for you. We take pride in pursuing your case with passion and integrity.

Helping you and your family during this traumatic time is our primary goal. We will do everything we can to make the legal process easier on you so that you can focus on recovery.

For your best chance at recovering complex costs associated with your accident, please call us now to get started with a free consultation.

Be Wary of Defense Tactics

Many don’t realize this, but the defendant’s insurance company will often put forth a strong legal defense. In fact, they often provide an entire team devoted to reducing or eliminating payouts to victims of their policyholders.

This is in addition to whichever injury lawyer the defendant may hire independently. It is extremely unwise to try to go up against this strong defense alone, and trying to do so will likely result in losing your case.

Treachery is far from unheard of when dealing with an insurance team devoted to limiting claims. They are known for using your statements against you by using tactics such as twisting any words of sorrow or regret you make to sound like guilt.

The safest course of action is to have your statements prepared or reviewed by a trained personal injury lawyer. Only then can you be assured that your statements can’t be used to attack your case.

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Reminder: Our Huntington Beach Personal Injury Attorney Firm Asks That You Teach Your Children Animal Safety

We want you and your children to remain safe around dogs and other animals. While pets can be loyal friends, they can also inflict severe damage when they turn aggressive due to mistreatment, unfamiliar surroundings, or illness.

You should teach your children to recognize signs of an aggressive dog such as growling, showing teeth, and barking. They should also be taught to never approach an animal without your approval.

This will help keep your children safe from vicious dog attacks, and we want to spread the word to reduce occurrences of severe harm inflicted to children by animals.

Please take extra caution when you are in an area that dogs often frequent, such as Huntington Central Park and Harriett M Wieder Regional Park. While the first has a designated dog park on the side along Edwards Street near Lake Huntington, it is common for people to let their pets wander all around the park. If you visit with your dog, please remember to keep them leashed for the safety of those around you.

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