Getting Legal Help for Your Rear-End Accident

rear end accident

Of all the different ways a car accident can occur, a rear-end accident is arguably the most common. in fact, many people have probably already experienced at least one rear-end accident in their lives. and it is almost always the same story. You are driving along, maybe listening to the radio or watching the traffic light changed to red as you slow your vehicle to a stop when suddenly, a few seconds after stopping, you feel a sudden jolt and hear the front of the car behind you crunching into your rear-bumper. As an auto accident lawyer, we see this a lot!

San Bernardino Auto Accident Lawyer

Usually this type of collision occurs because the driver behind you is in a hurry and/or not paying attention. Unfortunately, this leads to that driver following your vehicle too closely, and being unable to stop in time. The result of which is a rear-end accident. Realistically, these accidents have any number of causes: inattention, excessive speed, poor visibility, intoxication, etc.

The real danger of a rear-end accident is that the effects are often not felt until days after the collision. Whiplash, and other symptoms of more severe spinal or nerve issues may fly under the radar for a surprising amount of time. for this reason, it is very important that you contact a personal injury attorney in San Bernardino if you have recently been involved in a rear-end accident.

Once an accident is reported, the at-fault party’s insurance company will try to settle your case with you as quickly as possible. This is typically before you have had felt the magnitude of your injuries. This means that you will have signed away your legal right to recovery before you find out how much medical treatment you really need. If you don’t have health insurance, it may be very difficult to obtain and pay for your treatment.

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Suffering from injuries due to the negligence of another is never your fault. As an auto accident lawyer, we are here to make sure you do not have to bear this burden alone. We will go up against the insurance companies when they are being unfair.

If you are suffering from injuries due to an accident, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Consultations are free!