Dangers for Motorcyclists

motorcycle on the road

Motorcycles are both fun and dangerous. a recent Moreno Valley truck accident demonstrated the danger. on September 4th a motorcyclist died when he was trapped beneath a box truck after a collision. Though we know that no amount of money will bring a loved on back, as an accident lawyer, we can get you a settlement that will help with funeral costs.

If you enjoy riding a motorcycle you should know that motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in an accident than people who are riding in a car. You can improve your odds of enjoying a lifetime of riding without incident by following these 4 tips.

Avoid Speeding

Speeding is a factor in approximately half of motorcycle fatalities. Therefore it is significantly safer to ride within the speed limit. You can still have a fun ride but will reduce your risk of fatality.

Take a Riding Course

Whether you have been riding for years or are just starting out it is wise to take a riding course. the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) offers courses that include teaching how to perform evasive emergency maneuvers. in addition to helping you avoid accident and injury, you may qualify for an insurance discount.

Wear Proper Gear

A helmet is mandatory. Without a helmet you are 40 percent more likely to die in a crash due to head injury. a full-face helmet is recommended. Keep in mind that helmets deteriorate over time so you should replace your helmet every 5 years. If it has been in a crash it should be replaced before riding again.

Select clothing that will protect you from the weather, wind and road rash. a jacket and long pants are recommended year round. Consider wearing bright colors so car drivers can easily see you. Many times a car driver who hits a motorcycle says they never saw the bike or rider.

Ride in Appropriate Weather

If possible avoid riding in bad weather such as rain or snow. Not only will it cut your visibility, it will also make it harder for other vehicles to see you. in addition, you will have less grip on the road. If you must ride on a wet road brake gently and don’t make sudden maneuvers. Allow plenty of space between vehicles too.

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