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The Dangers Of Speeding

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It is simple. the faster you drive, the harder you hit something in an accident. the energy of impact that crumbles cars increases with the square of your speed. That means: doubling your speed quadruples the destructive energy of a collision. the simple act of driving more slowly reduces your chances of getting involved in a Riverside car accident.

How Speeding Affects the Control of Your Car

The faster a car moves, the greater the distance needed to come to a complete stop. This is because you can only apply the brakes so hard before the car starts to skid. There is a limited amount of traction between your wheels and the pavement. When the pavement is wet, this traction is greatly reduced.

Speed also reduces your ability to make turns. a hard turn that can be done at 5 mph will cause skidding at 30 mph. This is because there is insufficient road traction to enable such a turn at higher speeds.

When driving fast, you have less time to react to an unexpected event on the road. This combination of less reaction time, greater stopping distance, and greater consequences of an impact is what makes speeding so dangerous.

What Is Speeding?

Speeding occurs when the posted speed limits are exceeded under ideal conditions. Ideal conditions mean the road surface is dry and has no leaves or other debris on it. It also means visibility is perfect and there is no construction, pedestrian crossings, or other activity that affects your transit along the road.

When the conditions are less than ideal, you must slow down to a speed that allows you to drive safely. Otherwise it is considered speeding. Even when an accident happens while driving within the speed limit, consideration about whether your speed was appropriate for the circumstances will factor into determining who was at fault.

Make a habit of allowing plenty of time to reach your destination. the drive will be less stressful and the need to drive too fast is eliminated.

If you have been in an accident, you should carefully consider your options. We at Silverthorne Attorneys are highly experienced with car accident cases and can help. Contact us for more information.

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