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Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety

By Blythe Donham |

With Memorial Day weekend just days away, more and more pedestrians and cyclists will be out and about. Though the weather this weekend looks to be a little on the cooler side, I know that we will still see people on the roads. Our accident attorney wants to make sure that everyone has a… Read More »

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Staying Safe in School Zones

By Ian Silverthorne |

Children and teachers are preparing to get back into their school routines after the holiday break. When school is in session, there is always an increased risk of injuries. Whether it is from bus accidents, bicycle accidents, or pedestrian accidents. as an accident attorney, we have seen it all. As everyone gets back into the… Read More »

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Bike Safety And Protection

By Ian Silverthorne |

After the death of a 19 year-old on a Fullerton bike trail on June 5, people have called for better upgrades to improve the bike safety of riders. the young man was hit and killed by a passing car. This is not the only Fullerton bike accident that has resulted in a death. In 2012, another… Read More »

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