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Tag Archives: Freeway Accidents

Five-Car Crash in North Hollywood Causes Major Freeway Delays

By Blythe Donham |

An early morning crash on southbound 170 Freeway in North Hollywood caused a major backup. Nearly five vehicles were reported to be involved in the accident near Magnolia Boulevard. Right before the Ventura Freeway interchange, according to the California Highway Patrol. There is no news on whether any of the drivers or passengers are… Read More »

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Dangerous Freeway Driving Habits

By Ian Silverthorne |

Freeways are controlled access highways designed for speed. Using them safely require motorists to adhere to a number of specific driving rules. Many driving practices normally used on ordinary roads and streets are dangerous and possibly illegal on the freeway. Unsafe¬†practices cause needless accidents that can inflict severe injury on other motorists. If someone’s… Read More »

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