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How to Help Teen Drivers Avoid Accidents

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Earlier this month, there was a fiery Irvine car accident that claimed the lives of several young people. Whenever parents allow their children to go out and drive, they will always have a fear that something terrible can happen. as our car crash lawyer knows, accidents can happen everyday. Your young driver may do everything in their power to obey the traffic laws. However, someone else may be negligent in their driving.

Halloween is near, and this day can be filled with plenty of treats, parties, and buckets full of delicious candy. If you have a young driver who will be outdoors and driving around with friends, he or she will have to watch out for children who will be walking or running from door-to-door. Furthermore, drivers out on Halloween night need to be extremely careful in order to avoid any tragic accidents.

When you speak with your children about going out on Halloween night, you will need to discuss all of the dangers that will be around on this night. You do not want to directly demand certain rules or tips for your child. You may allow your young driver to tell you what they plan to do in order to remain safe and allow other people to feel safe.


Sometimes younger teens go to parties where older people have drinks and other things. Your teen may be tempted to have a drink. You never want to find out that your child is drinking, but you want your child to know that you are available to them if they ever feel like they can not drive because they had drinks at the party. It is always a good idea to make sure your child has enough cash just in case something goes wrong. Teens make mistakes. You do not want your child feeling guilty about drinking that he or she will try to drive home.

No Tweeting & Driving

Your child can be tempted to upload selfies and text their friends while they or driving. Driving around on Halloween is no time to text. It is never a good time to text while you’re driving; and this should not be done at anytime when you are behind a wheel. Your young driver needs to be completely focused on the highway. Before your teen gets into the vehicle, you will want to ensure that they will not use their cell phone while they are driving.

There are several other ways that drivers, especially young and new drivers can avoid serious car accidents on Halloween.

If you would like more information on car accidents, safety, or a free consultation, contact us. We hope you have a safe Halloween.

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