Tips For Avoiding Car Accidents at Night

night drive

The fatality rate per mile driven of car accidents at night is three times higher than during the day. These statistics reflect the fact that driving is inherently more difficult and dangerous at night. the lack of sunlight, glare from headlights, and the possibility of drowsy and drunk drivers all contribute to the difficulty of night driving. Fortunately there are specific techniques that will reduce your chances of getting into a Moreno Valley car accident at night.

Keep Windows and Mirrors Clean

Dirt and smudges on your windows and mirrors tend to scatter light which increases glare. This glare can be eliminated by washing the inside and outside surfaces of your windshield and other windows as well as your mirrors. Replace worn out windshield wipers and keep them clean. Wiper streaks impair vision at night even more than they do during the day because of glare.

Keep Headlights Clean and Properly Aligned

Dirt buildup reduces the brightness of these lights and reduces your ability to see and be seen on the road. Vibration and road bumps will change the alignment of your headlights over time. When the headlights are misaligned, their full intensity is directed too far up or down or off to the side. This means less light is shining in the direction of travel.

Do Not Use High Beams in the Fog

Fog droplets will reflect light back at you and reduce your ability to see the road and traffic ahead of you. the same rule applies whenever you drive in places that get snowfall in the winter. Snow flakes are highly reflective.

Avoid Looking at the Headlights of Oncoming Cars

This will cause you to lose your night vision which results in temporary night blindness. Look slightly down and to the right. Use the road edge or the line marking the right side of your lane as a reference.

Adjust Your Mirrors

The rear view mirror has a night time adjustment that reduces the amount of reflected light from the cars following you. Adjust your side mirrors so that you can almost see the outside of your car in them. This prevents light from cars behind you from shining into your eyes. It will also reduce your blind spot.

Keep Interior Lights Off and Dim Your Dashboard Gauges

Interior lights will reduce your night vision. Your gauge lights should remain visible but dimmed as much as possible.

Do Not Fixate Your Gaze

Fixing your gaze on the road ahead at night has a hypnotic effect and can induce drowsiness. Stay alert by periodically checking the your mirrors and looking at the road situation around you.

Take Frequent Rests on Long Drives

Pull over at rest stops and stretch your legs. If you are feeling drowsy, take a nap. Sleep is the only true antidote for drowsiness.

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