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Have You Been in a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents in are common causes of serious injury and death. Survivors of truck accidents often need to bear heavy expenses to cover their expenditure on medical care and physiotherapy. Many individuals’ lives have been ruined by a single moment of negligence. According to the US Department of transportation, around 500,000 truck accidents take place in the United States every year. A significant percentage of these truck accidents produce casualties.

Silverthorne Attorneys is a law firm that deals extensively with personal injury cases. We have helped many truck accident victims claim deserved compensation for the mental and physical anguish they have been subjected to.

Seek Out Legal Help for Your Injuries in Lake Forest, California

Victims and families of truck accident victims face a long and arduous battle in healing from such an incident, both, mentally and physically. Very often, truck drivers and manufacturers endanger the lives of pedestrians and other commuters through negligence in driving, quality testing, and maintenance. There are a number of avenues that victims can explore when attempting to claim a settlement for the damages and injuries they have obtained. A truck accident may be a result of –

  • Irresponsible recruitment on the part of the trucking company.
  • Negligent and careless driving.
  • Faulty repair work and maintenance.
  • Other cars or individuals on the road who encourage bad driving.
  • Faulty manufacturing.
  • Government road regulations that endanger lives.

Most individuals are not aware that they are entitled to compensation for their injuries or losses. As a personal injury legal service, Silverthorne has the necessary skills and experience to handle the legal environment that we operate within today. Victims of truck accidents will need a helping hand if they are going to go up against large private or public corporations.

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If you have suffered from a truck accident, you have to act swiftly if you want to file a settlement claim. Contact personal injury attorney law firm Silverthorne Attorneys at (949) 234-6034 today, for a free consult. We charge no legal fee until we have won your case for you.