How long after my case is settled will I receive my check?


How long after my case is settled will I receive my check?

The typical answer to this question is that it will all depend on whether there are any delays in your attorney.

Delays in getting your settlement check from the insurer are due to the amount of time it takes the defendant’s insurer to cut the check. Typically what happens is, your attorney is issued the settlement check – which then goes into a trust account – then he will release funds to doctors, medical professionals, etc. before he will get your part of the settlement to you.

Trust Accounts

Another delay could be due to the fact that once your lawyer has received the settlement check, it is deposited into a trust account before he or she can pay you your part of the settlement. Trust accounts are required by state bar associations – in essence, your lawyer wants your check to clear his trust just as badly as you do – as your attorney will not be paid until the check has been cleared. Some settlement checks can take 10 or more business days to clear unless the check issued is from the same bank in which the trust is being held.

Medical Bills and Insurance Liens

A delay in the settlement check may also have to do with the fact that your lawyer needs to pay any outstanding medical bills or insurance liens before you can get your portion of the settlement. There can be delays in doctors and insurers sending their final balance due bills, or even if your lawyer is trying to negotiate the settlement of the bills and liens.
These are just a few of the most common reasons why there would be a delay in receiving your settlement check. Just know that your personal injury attorney is doing everything they can to ensure that you receive your check in a timely manner.