Most Aggressive Dog Breeds in Mission Viejo

Most people probably think that the most aggressive dog breeds are those who are larger in stature and more intimidating looking. But! After doing a little bit of research, Mission Viejo dog bite lawyer Silverthorne Attorneys actually found that this is not the case. Below, you will find a list of the top ten most aggressive dog breeds (one being the most aggressive and so on and so forth):

  1.  Chihuahua – the chihuahua is actually the smallest dog breed that is registered with the American Kennel Club. They are very devoted animals but they are also very temperamental and are not known to be child friendly dogs. Because they do not like strangers, they often bark and have been known to attack.
  2.  Dachshund – according to studies, the Dachshund suffers from something called “small dog syndrome” which essentially means that they try to make up for their small size with a large attitude – which oftentimes leads to behavioral issues as well. If they are socialized at an early age, they do well with children, but they are not keen on rough housing.
  3.  Chow Chow – a Chow Chow is a very dominate dog who can be assertive at time. It is because of this assertiveness that they are not recommended for first time dog owners. Strong guidance and training will help get their assertive behaviors under control. They are startled easily because they do not have good peripheral vision.
  4.  Doberman Pinscher – Doberman’s are very intelligent dogs that are highly recommended as guard dogs as well as police dogs. They are instinctually protective of their masters. Though not encouraged to be around children, if they are trained correctly, they can be very good with children as well as other dogs.
  5.  Dalmatian – Dalmatians are very loyal dogs and can be around other animals, as long as they are socialized early. They have a wonderful reputation with children, but they are most loyal to their masters. Some studies have shown that if they are not receiving adequate amounts of attention from their masters, they begin to act out and have behavioral problems. These are very energetic dogs and they need to be in an environment where they can be outside and play.
  6.   Rottweiler – though they may not seem like aloof animals, they are. Mission Viejo dog attack attorney notes that this particular breed of dog does not accept strangers easily. They are good natured with children but you have to be cautious of their size and energy levels if you have small children in the home. They are known as being very protective of their owners and will defend their homes.
  7.   Jack Russell Terrier – because of their high energy and stubbornness, they have very little patience – which is why it is not recommended for families with small children. They are very loyal to their masters and are very good hunters.
  8.  German Shepherd – these dogs are usually used as guide dogs – and are generally seen as guide dogs for the blind. They are playful and very good with children as long as they are not trained as guard dogs. Because of their training in search and rescue and police and narcotics – they can become a little aggressive.
  9.  Pit Bull Terrier – most surprisingly on the bottom of the list is the pit bull terrier. They are actually known to be of mild manner and are very loyal and protective of its owner and family. They are actually known for being very patient with children. The best thing to do with this particular breed is to do a background check on the dog before you choose it as a family pet. This is because a lot of times, pit bulls are trained as fighting dogs. Make sure of you are adopting from a rescue, that they give you a full run down of their history.
  10.   Siberian Husky – though they tend to be a bit territorial and do not always get along with other dogs, they are really good with children. Originally used as sled dogs in the cold, they have amazing survival instincts and are wonderful guard dogs.

What Mission Viejo dog attack lawyer, Silverthorne Attorneys wants everyone to know is, it all comes down to how a dog is treated and trained.

If you have been injured by a dog, please do not hesitate to contact a Mission Viejo dog bite lawyer in our office!

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